Saturday, September 12, 2015

KIKA (Thanos#7, 2004)

An alien officer from the Omega Corps stationed on the Frontline outpost, near the Kyln power stations/prisons by the Crunch of the Universe, Kika has nothing much to do in the six-part story that fills issues #7-12 of THANOS, but look good. Just pretty eye-candy, best seen not heard. And, unfortunately, due to Ron Lim’s indifferent art, most of the time not even that. But what a surprise to find out that from Mr. Lim’s hack plume would come out one of the more enticing breast profiles one could imagine. Full and heavy and proud, with a slim break in the pencil line to suggest the place where the nipple should be, Kika’s breast distracts the mind (and the eyes) from the pink skin with darker blotches, that only comic-books could make look sexy. This is clearly a Universe where jiggling is allowed. And one a lot better for it.   

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