Monday, September 14, 2015

Slave Girls (Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2, 2006)

It is a lesson well-learned that you can’t be a cosmic power-broker of villainous persuasion if you don’t surround yourself with a bevy of sexy and scantly-clad female humanoid slaves. Ming the Merciless knew it, Jabba the Hut Knew it, and even pseudo-insectoid Annihilus knows it. It’s not that his predecessors ended well. They didn’t, but no one would remember Jabba the Hut today if it wasn’t for scantly-clad slave-Leia slavering at his feet (well, maybe not feet, but you get my meaning…) Or will you claim, dear reader, that you remembered Jabba from Episode IV? Anyway, it is a matter of intergalactic prestige and, along with Aldebaraan, Vulcan, Betazed, Psychon, Krypton, and some other corners of the Known Universe (and maybe the Negative Zone), that’s one thing our little backward planet Earth is filthy rich in (remember al those BEMs that used to come to Earth only to abduct our lovely females? Yeap, there’s a high demand for earthen slave girls by cosmic space villains and cosmic mad emperors).

Now, I mention all this, because Annihilus, being some kind of insect, surely has no ulterior erotic design over the two lovely girls that adorn his command chair/throne. They’re just there for titillating eye-candy – welcome eye-candy at that – and more so for looking strangely like Zen-Whoberis. Yet, we all know that the Zen-Whoberis were made extinct by the badass Badoon, leaving only the sexiest green-woman of the Universe alive. No, not She-Hulk. Gamora.

And, since by then Gamora was making a come-back in the pages of Annihilation:Ronan, these girls not only confound the reader, as much as they confound the senses. After all, in a full-page spread, full with a mad genocidal annihilator of universes, the Titan Thanos, and a view of space-dreadnoughts from the Annihilation Wave (besides the vast deepness of space), the reader’s eye is inevitably attracted to the shapely buttocks and hips of the slave girls. Hey! They have pointed ears – not Zen-Whoberis after all. Betcha you hadn’t noticed it!

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